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Based on the highly successful personal development process called EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps founded by George Helou, the EP7 Podcast Channel is hosted by the founder and his co-host Rachel Donovan. The EP7 Podcast Channel was launched to share with you practical and timely advice to improve your confidence, clarity and resilience in all aspects of your life, particularly your relationship with yourself as well as with a partner, family, colleagues and beyond. We hope you also engage the conversation on the EP7 Official Facebook Page. The whole point of the EP7 Podcast Channel, is to share insights and ideas to help us create and improve relationships and realise our most important goals. We decided to dedicate the first series of podcasts to intimate relationships and how closely this interconnects with the relationship with yourself. We look at bad habits and how we seal a relationship’s fate from the moment we begin it, what to do so we are in a position to attract a suitable partner and what it means to grow together. Another area of conversation will be relationships at work, looking at management and colleagues. We explore how to develop work cultures, helping them to move out of office politics and into thriving environments while breaking records.  We also look forward to discussing relationship issues that arise with family members who we love but who do seem to frustrate us more than anyone.  This is where many of us say that our buttons seem to be pushed the most intensely and frequently. Between the podcasts and the EP7 Official Facebook page, our conversation will take place, therefore together with your feedback and participation, you can guide where our adventure takes us.
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Join George and Rachel on your walk, jog or drive as they share how we can be empowered for purpose in our relationships, roles and goals. 

May 14, 2018

In this podcast, George & Rachel discuss what it is like to live with a light heart and how this can play out in our lives.

[01:20] On having a light heart
[03:48] A sign of insecurity within one's self
[04:48] Giving yourself permission to enjoy life
[08:33] Feeling the burden and anxiety within ourselves
[11:24] Having a superiority complex
[11:44] How we can be thoughtful and light-hearted?
[14:39] The playing out of an upset versus a light-hearted person
[20:30] Heavy heart vs light heart
[23:37] Examples of golden nuggets

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May 9, 2018

What views do you hold about money? In this podcast we listen to George detail how we can make more money and why we should have a healthy relationship with our bank account.

[04:48] Understanding money by principle
[08:28] Money as frozen energy
[13:02] Why relationships with people are precious
[16:47] How we can create more money and not overspend
[17:27] Our status quo view on money
[19:57] The key to making more money
[24:05] Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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May 9, 2018

How do you know if you're addicted to drama? Listen to George & Rachel discuss this topic in this latest conversation.

[02:46] What drama can represent
[03:18] How do we get addicted to drama?
[08:12] What are you going to do if you are addicted to drama?
[11:29] Learning and conditioning our behavior
[12:43] Being lonely vs having drama
[13:13] The issues with attracting drama and creating drama in our lives
[16:24] The message on this topic, "Addicted to drama"

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May 8, 2018

Is there a silver lining when it comes to our regrets? In this podcast George & Rachel discuss this idea and some of their own regrets.

[01:16] Discussing having regrets
[03:21] One of George's regrets
[08:43] What we can get out of our epic mistakes
[09:38] Making the same mistakes over and over again (resulting to consequences)
[14:24] The blog George wrote called "Our Depression"
[18:10] What dissolves regret
[18:44] How to build genuine empathy with people
[21:15] Acknowledging your regrets

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May 1, 2018

In this podcast George and Rachel discuss the differences between these two ideas and the benefits of healthy expectations.

[00:46] Having expectations vs not having any expectation
[03:30] Being motivated without being hard on ourselves
[08:47] The need for our own level of acceptance
[11:08] Having the responsibility to set high expectations
[19:13] Addressing issues instead of being intolerant
[23:51] Compassion, tolerance, and patience
[29:51] The benefits of healthy expectations

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Apr 27, 2018

We often don't recognise when we are in denial. How does this really affect us and what are the reasons why we should shatter our denial.

[04:02] Our identity is shaped from the beginning
[04:58] The habit of being in denial and our responsibility to change
[09:34] Multi-dimensional intelligence
[12:18] Accessing genius at a late age
[17:06] Intense emotions dictate how we are meant to perceive and feel about something
[24:09] Failure as an opportunity
[27:14] What can become our ultimate prison

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Apr 16, 2018

In this podcast George explains what a fractal pattern is and how it relates to life.

Here's what was covered:

[01:04] Explaining the fractal pattern
[07:09] Has George identified fractal patterns within himself?
[08:54] Trying to succeed when you’re wrong about something
[11:17] Our attraction to structural integrity
[12:59] The relevance of structural integrity in nature
[20:23] The pattern when your balance is strong
[26:58] Why she shouldn't be isolated for too long

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Mar 28, 2018

Here's what was covered:
[01:25] The revelation that your confidence isn't matching your capability.
[03:00] Resistance.
[06:50] The problem when your point of view is not aligned to your principles?
[07:55] Objection of an idea as a reason for resistance.
[10:32] Being out of your depth with low confidence and what can be done to address it.
[13:27] Allowing room for two levels of feedback.
[15:30] Never being a know-it-all.
[22:05] What it means to let go and trust your judgement.

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Mar 14, 2018
Feb 27, 2018


[01:23] Getting to know someone and having the ability to get into the other person's worldview
[05:28] When you're insecure and you want to feel safe
[09:46] Why we end up with relationships that don't work out
[11:42] Message to all the nice guys
[13:23] Message to women
[15:19] When a guy is too nice
[16:42] Being attracted to a woman
[17:46] A movie called "Coming to America" by Eddie Murphy (1988)

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Feb 6, 2018

Have you ever tried to 'fit in'? Why should we worry about what people think of us? In this podcast, George & Rachel address social anxiety in its various degrees and why we should believe we are enough.

[00:47] Introversion
[03:52] Rejection and acceptance.
[04:24] How we can overthink.
[05:32] Our belief that we are not enough.
[10:39] The lack of communication skills.
[12:10] Why we should not try to fit in.
[13:57] Going with the flow.
[18:10] Why being yourself - you can be truly present.
[22:40] Rachel's embarrassing moment.

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Jan 29, 2018

[00:41] Procrastination and laziness.
[02:45] The benefit of being lazy.
[05:42] Is procrastination linked to fear of failure?
[06:28] We are not all inherently lazy.
[07:18] The protection mechanism.
[08:24] How perfectionism can be an issue.
[10:53] Becoming proactive.

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Jan 22, 2018

As we begin a new year, George & Rachel discuss the idea of theming your year and the depth of detail we need to outline for ourselves to make it happen.

Here's what was covered:
[01:51] George's theme for last year.
[04:53] Setting an intention at the beginning.
[06:30] An intention has to be purpose-based.
[09:00] Money doesn't have a personality.
[10:50] The excitement from the benefits of being self-independent.
[17:36] Being totally in the moment.
[18:52] Traveling is not an option but an absolute necessity.
[22:58] Give yourself permission to innovate and to reinvent.

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Dec 27, 2017

In this episode, George and Rachel discuss about protecting your daughter from someone or from bad situation

Here’s what was covered:
[00:45] Approaching my daughter
[02:02] Describing a lot of extremes that people go too far
[03:00] Resentment and Rebellion
[03:27] Ways on how to be there for your child
[04:11] Finding ways to help them with their awareness, values and critical thinking.
[08:11] I know what it was like to be a hormonal young man
[09:29] Being more involved or less involved
[11:20} Letting children have there own life experience
[14:06] Over protection
[17:56] Protecting your child and the person they are interested in.


Dec 3, 2017

What does the idea of giving up mean to you? Often we are met with feelings of failure and weakness. In this podcast George & Rachel explore this idea and how we can identify the reasons behind this choice.

[1:19] Why should you keep going and not give up
[6:40] Can giving up be healthy?
[9:06] Are we the problem?
[11:32] Every moment is precious.
[13:34] How not to give up on the things that matter.
[18:26] Factors that makes you give up.
[20:47] Ways to change your view in life.
[27:45] The "power" meaning to George.
[31:25] Resilience - the key to never giving up.
[32:53] Summary (in giving up)
[34:24] Resilience the key to never giving up.


Nov 15, 2017

Have you ever thought about what your worldview may be? What are dominating thoughts that are influencing us day to day?
George and Rachel discuss the meaning and power of our worldviews in this podcast.

[1:38] What is the world view that we hold?
[6:33] How our worldview affects relationships.
[8:20] Feeling fulfilled depends on our worldview.
[12:51] Adaptive ability.
[14:07] The self-entitlement worldview.
[16:20] This world owes you nothing.
[20:49] People who give enough value.
[24:35] There is more than enough in this world.
[26:16] The questions for you to ask to find out your world views.

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Oct 23, 2017

In this podcast George & Rachel discuss the idea of 'truth' and the power it holds in our lives. 

[1:13] What we are brought up to believe is true as children.
[2:40] Being told “You’re not loving Jesus enough”
[5:33] Why parents stage 'truth' to a child.
[9:14] Being exhausted by keeping a secret.
[12:10] Is there such thing as truth?
[13:00] George defines truth.
[17:40] Why we need to be truth seekers

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Oct 9, 2017

We are never short of a scandal in the media. How much does this impact on our lives and how do we interpret these actions and do we accept them as 'normal'? Listen to George speak passionately about this subject with Rachel.

[0:42] Kevin Hart’s Scandal
[4:15] Forgetting you are in a relationship with a person.
[8:15] The value of family, have we lost that?
[9:50] What is the movie '50 shades of grey' really all about?
[15:10] Why is this an imagination problem?
[18:30] Using the reason 'its just a fetish'.
[21:54] Insecurity is a double edged sword.
[24:28] How women are degraded in relationships.
[27:48] Undoing the bullsh*t to get to the truth of a relationship.

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Sep 29, 2017

While we like to see people we care about in a happy state, should we be responsible for their happiness? What do we learn from moments in pain and how can we be ok to allow this to exist.

Here’s what was covered:
[01:42] The message we receive to be responsible.
[05:04] How do we know if we are becoming over-responsible?
[05:44] Being a rescuer.
[08:08] Can we handle being responsible for everything?
[11:19] What is pain?
[13:36] The role of an enabler.
[14:46] How the government can be over-responsible.
[20:44] What do you do if you feel like you are over-responsible.
[23:08] Why George’s manager wouldn't give him the solution when ads went wrong on air.
[26:09] What did Richard Branson did so that he wouldn't be tempted to interfere.

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Sep 13, 2017

Giving and receiving advice can be a very touchy subject where often mis-communication is frequent . George and Rachel discuss the different ways advice is given and received and how we can make it work best for us.

Here’s what was covered:
[2:06] Defining advice.
[5:55] The delivery of advice and how it affects us.
[7:04] First we are impacted by emotions and then content.
[8:38] Giving good quality advice in a respectful way.
[12:41] What can block us receiving good advice.
[13:59] Bad content delivered in a good way.
[14:59] Good content delivered in a bad way.
[17:14] Bad content delivered in a bad way.
[20:11] Understanding why they’re delivering it in a bad way.
[21:22] Maximising all good content that is coming to you.
[24:06] Handling things when not in a good way

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Aug 29, 2017

George and Rachel discuss issues surrounding being a good parent and how to cope with problems that get in the way.

Here’s what was covered:
[1:37] How stressful parenting can be.
[2:57] Balance: The recurring issue.
[4:35] The change in thoughts from before to after having a child.
[8:27] The affects of social media in parenting.
[12:00] The difference between being a friend and being a parent.
[13:36] Rachel’s goals when she becomes a parent.
[15:10] Doing your best raising your child.
[19:05] When couples argue about how to parent.
[21:04] Children deserve consistency.
[25:49] Create an environment rich in love.
[28:34] Being aware of our coping mechanisms.
[33:00] How respect and love is built from your child.

Aug 19, 2017

The road to a fulfilling, enduring relationship is almost always littered with a few attempts that come to an end. Breaking up is a natural progression in life as we learn about ourselves and about relationships. In this podcast, George & Rachel discuss how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in the breakup conversation and how to carry it out in a dignified, respectful & caring way.

Here’s what was covered
[1:15] Dreading the breakup conversation.
[4:33] Is there anything wrong with hoping that things will get better in a relationship; or is it just wasting time?
[8:06] George discusses ideas on how to approach the conversation.
[11:18] What happens if the person gets upset?
[11:31] Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
[13:31] The reason you could not be ‘feeling it’.
[17:42] Validating your reasons.
[21:58] Why communication is crucial.

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Aug 4, 2017

Most of us are keenly aware of our own personality attributes and if we possess a competitive edge. Now, the bigger question is: Does it work to our advantage? How competitive are you, and do you find it useful to be one way or the other? In this episode, George and Rachel discuss being competitive in a healthy way.

Here’s what was covered
[3:45] People being competitive in a nasty way.
[5:03] The benefits of team sports.
[11:04] How we can learn how to achieve a goal by learning skills.
[11:52] When does competitiveness become unhealthy?
[14:54] Why do some people shy away from competition?
[15:40] The importance of letting go.
[16:47] Your ability to control your emotions.
[20:11] What really is a mistake?
[22:15] How competition provides us with opportunities.

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Jul 26, 2017

People pleasing is not sustainable and does much more harm than good when we do not do it within our means. George and Rachel discuss in depth what it means to find the balance to please others while not neglecting your needs. 

Here’s what was covered
[3:17] The problem with people pleasing.
[4:17] Why do people please beyond their means?
[5:18] Why the word “no” is confronting.
[7:11] Our investment in giving.
[11:31] Breeding co-dependence.
[14:15] Achieving interlocking in a relationship.
[16:31] How you attract people that will exploit you.
[17:50] How do we find a balance of giving and receiving?

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Jul 13, 2017

In this podcast George & Rachel address anxiety, discussing their experiences with it and strategies to overcome it.

Here’s what was covered:

  • [2:31] The relation of anxiety and depression.
  • [3:53] What is anxiety?
  • [6:40] The role of of medication.
  • [11:40] Experiencing high anxiety.
  • [12:37] Things that helped Rachel address being anxious.
  • [14:29] In a perfect storm how your worst fears are magnified.
  • [15:48] Emotion clusters that involve anxiety
  • [17:21] When emotions start to show up, they’re telling a tale.
  • [18:28] When panic sets in and how we need to honour our emotion.
  • [20:31] Validating your fear first.
  • [23:22] How we get hijacked by anxiety and exploring what to do in this situation.

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