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Based on the highly successful EP7 Process - Reinvent You in 7 Steps, founded by George Helou. The Reinvent You Show (previously called the EP7 Podcast Channel) is hosted by the founder and his co-hosts. The EP7 Podcast Channel was launched to share with you practical and timely advice to improve your confidence, clarity and resilience in all aspects of your life, particularly your relationship with yourself as well as with a partner, family, colleagues and beyond. We hope you also engage the conversation on the EP7 Official Facebook Page. The whole point of the EP7 Podcast Channel, is to share insights and ideas to help us create and improve relationships and realise our most important goals. We decided to dedicate the first series of podcasts to intimate relationships and how closely this interconnects with the relationship with yourself. We look at bad habits and how we seal a relationship’s fate from the moment we begin it, what to do so we are in a position to attract a suitable partner and what it means to grow together. Another area of conversation will be relationships at work, looking at management and colleagues. We explore how to develop work cultures, helping them to move out of office politics and into thriving environments while breaking records.  We also look forward to discussing relationship issues that arise with family members who we love but who do seem to frustrate us more than anyone.  This is where many of us say that our buttons seem to be pushed the most intensely and frequently. Between the podcasts and the EP7 Official Facebook page, our conversation will take place, therefore together with your feedback and participation, you can guide where our adventure takes us.
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Join George and Rachel on your walk, jog or drive as they share how we can be empowered for purpose in our relationships, roles and goals. 

May 25, 2021

Connection is defined as a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else.

It is interesting that nowhere in that definition does it say anything about the connection to ourselves

We have never been more connected to everything that is outside of us than we are now, but we have also never been more disconnected from ourselves.

George and Joey explore the reasons why the connection to the outside world is so important to us right now, but also on how a deep focus on that has left us more disconnected from our true selves more than ever. 

Apr 12, 2021

Imagine a world defined by kindness. What would that be like? How deeply would that resonate with you?

In today's global society, we are bombarded daily with news cycle stories of war, racism, sexism, and the rest of the problems driven by fear and division.

George and Joey explore the depth, and transformative power of kindness and discuss the international initiative that The World Kindness Movement has undertaken with Kindness Matters, forging an alliance with UNESCO_MGIEP to collect 1 million kindness stories, given, received or observed. 

Why does kindness have the stigma of weakness for so many corporations? Why is selflessness glamourised, making kindness unsustainable? We delve into many aspects of how the wisdom and power of kindness is being misunderstood and missed. 

We also want your personal stories. In this form, please submit your story of kindness and lets spread the message around the world how acts of kindness actualise our higher purpose here and now.

Jun 12, 2020

2020 has been a year for epic events and compelling reasons for overdue change. Even Hollywood appears forced to confront its demons. 

Why did model, actress, producer and documentarist Ana Lucia Alves, refuse the invitation to trade her dignity for special favours to further her artistic career in Hollywood?

Ana was born in Brazil but lived most of her life in Europe. She studied architecture and computer engineering before entering the Fashion world and the Film industry. She became the first Brazilian model to appear in the cover of an international magazine, spending many years as a supermodel working around the world at the top of her profession. Her next stop was Hollywood. 

Why was Harvey Weinstein's invitation to his apartment was not appealing to Ana, given her Hollywood career opportunities would have been guaranteed?

Why are some artists in Hollywood too powerful to be influenced by the dark side? Why do many artists need Hollywood to succeed and why does Hollywood need the great artists to succeed?

What makes an artist flow and create the great works that inspires the masses?

The future of creating film that inspires and dignifies humanity. 

The exciting development that has set Cinderella's Secrets on the path of becoming a feature film thanks to collaborating with Ana and her film production company.  

Why do children lose their creativity and why is it so important to protect their imagination and why helping adults reclaim their creativity is so vital to their purpose in life?

And so much more! 

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Aug 6, 2018

Here’s what was covered:

[00:42] Understanding your darkness
[03:01] What motivates us on our choices and what makes us deny its information and ideas
[04:33] The chemical side of why we people struggle
[06:07] Honouring the dark
[06:55] The value of the contrast between light and dark
[08:14] Fearing the darkness
[09:40] Darkness resembles something you can't see
[11:55] The value and purpose of doing something
[13:06] Feeling of contentment
[15:51] Comedians making light of the dark
[16:24] The inspiration of Robin Williams
[19:26] The gap between the epic high and the epic low
[22:09] The value of the darkness

Jul 30, 2018

Here’s what was covered:
[00:52] Recovery is the anchor of what Joey does
[02:32] Nutrition part of your recovery
[03:49] The idea of diet
[08:34] Education is the key to understanding
[17:51] The idea of the saying "no pain, no gain"
[21:14] Why inflammation is bad
[23:36] What happens when the body is forced to overdo its capability
[29:12] Looking at areas that need recovery work
[36:25] Knowing your why
[42:26] Looking at your body beautifully
[47:40] Purpose-based goals
[57:42] We are not here to be disconnected

Jul 20, 2018

Here's what was covered:

[01:23] Dating in 2025
[02:18] Will technology end up controlling us?
[04:14] Hiding behind technology and losing the human connection
[07:11] Blue light on the screen that affects your eyes
[08:29] On losing interest in Facebook
[13:06] Building a list of the people or pages you see first on your feed
[22:30] Using social media in a healthy way
[24:38] Commenting and criticising
[27:34] The truth bubbles through the surface
[31:08] Amplifying the absurd


Dating in 2025

Jun 28, 2018

In this podcast George & Rachel discuss why process is critical to success, because the principles of how to order what you do defines meaning and creates the needed result.

Here's what was covered:

[03:06] What happens when the brain is experiencing something for the first time
[04:55] Deciding what it means to you when moving into a new context/environment
[08:30] The problem with having a premise before you meet someone
[10:58] Polarising beliefs between fitting in a right or wrong box
[11:40] The power of owning who we choose to be
[14:28] Who you are choosing to be is going to determine the relationship you will have
[15:05] Whatever you put first is your purpose
[21:10] Your attitude dictates opportunities you're given

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- The layers of attraction
- Is intuition real
- Being light hearted

Jun 25, 2018

In this episode, George and Rachel discuss how to identify scammers in the online world and how to be a good critical thinker to avoid being scammed.

Here's what was covered:
[01:48] Identifying scammers online
[02:30] The tricks scammers commonly use
[07:22] An example of a scam website
[08:10] Ways to avoid scams
[09:26] How to be a critical thinker
[10:52] Some tips on how to avoid being scammed
[14:35] George's advice

You may want to listen to:
- The power in trusting your judgement
- Living with regrets
- The relationship with money
- Is intuition real?

Jun 21, 2018

There are many reasons to uncover what deceptions we hold in our lives and why we should remove these so that we can live a life feeling worthy.

[00:56] Smiling while talking to people on the phone [connecting with people]
[01:58] Are we raised to truly value and understand people?
[05:22] Discussing what it is to give value
[06:27] Discussing worthiness
[13:29] The key to making yourself feel worthy
[16:44] You need to look at your world now as riddled with deception
[18:04] "Why am I not feeling worthy?"
[22:44] The takeaway from the topic

You may want to listen to:
- Why your worldview creates your life
- Being light hearted
- Shattering denial

Jun 18, 2018

In this podcast George and Rachel discuss the destructive nature of 'virus beliefs'. How to become aware of them and how to remove them from our mindset.

[00:48] Introducing virus beliefs.
[02:49] The virus that 'life is meant to be hard.'
[06:04] Where our tolerance levels come from.
[07:42] The 'Better the devil you know' virus. 
[10:16] What if there were no virus beliefs at all?
[14:40] Abusing and worshiping money.
[18:58] Can you be happy without money?
[21:08] Identifying our virus beliefs.
[25:31] Operating a computer that has a virus.
[26:50] What is a fractal pattern?
[28:23] How to deal with virus beliefs.

You may want to listen to:
- Fractal patterns
- Why your worldview creates your life
- Expectation vs Non-attachment

Jun 14, 2018

Here’s what was covered:
[00:31] Defining being rude
[02:09] Rachel's story
[04:41] Not taking things personally and staying quiet
[06:09] We can all be rude without realising it
[09:28] George's story
[14:11] Questioning why we should be treated a certain way
[16:22] A work environment without trust
[20:52] All rudeness should be addressed
[22:32] Taking the risk and being courageous


The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity by Norman Doidge

Jun 11, 2018

How do you cope dealing with someone who is rude to you? Is this something that is far too common and how we can we navigate better in these situations? George & Rachel address these questions in this podcast.

Here’s what was covered:
[00:31] Defining being rude
[02:09] Rachel's story
[04:41] Not taking things personally and staying quiet
[06:09] We can all be rude without realising it
[09:28] George's story
[14:11] Questioning why we should be treated a certain way
[16:22] A work environment without trust
[20:52] All rudeness should be addressed
[22:32] Taking the risk and being courageous

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- Advice, at the mercy of the receiver
- Is being competitive good for us?
- The Sociopath

Jun 7, 2018

The pain of heartbreak is a feeling known to many of us. Can we heal in a better way to enable us to move on? George & Rachel discuss this in their latest podcast.

[01:56] Ending up in a relationship that's not for you
[06:17] Our stress response
[07:51] Listening to the head over the heart
[11:55] Being on the receiving end of someone shutting down
[16:45] The involvement of ego
[25:50] Questioning your partner's consistency
[32:12] Becoming more than who we are
[38:32] The stigma about bouncing back
[40:06] Time does not heal wounds, it’s what you do with that time that counts

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- What is Love?
- The layers of attraction
- The expectation that love will hurt

Jun 5, 2018

In this podcast George & Rachel discuss the issues arising with young girls in the age of mobile phones and social media.

[01:50] The oppression of young girls through technology
[05:55] Exploring how we can help parents
[07:22] The idea of talking to your child like they are smart
[11:04] Expanding the awareness of your child
[14:31] Blocking trolls on Instagram
[17:12] Rachel’s example

You may want to listen to:
- Being OK with saying no
- Understanding and dealing with bullying
- Social Anxiety

May 30, 2018

Learning how to to cope in the experience of betrayal is challenging. Listen to this podcast as George & Rachel address this topic.

[00:34] The feeling of betrayal
[02:25] Coping with the situation by shutting it down
[04:03] Suppressing what affects us is going to get in the way of us being able to move on
[09:43] Exploring controlled anger
[11:44] Reserving the right to give another chance
[17:17] The benefits of patience
[19:13] The trunk of dignity

You may want to listen to:
- The people pleasing dilemma
- Advice, at the mercy of the receiver
- What is the truth?

May 29, 2018

Would you mind if your partner didn't tell you that they loved you? In this podcast George & Rachel discuss the value of these words in relationships.

[01:12] Examples of how their partners cannot say "I love you"
[02:35] What does it mean when you say "I love you" to someone?
[02:58] The intent behind "I love you"
[03:07] The difference of saying "I love you" from other forms of expression
[04:10] The possible reasons why people are afraid to say "I love you"
[06:02] Overthinking the "I love you"
[14:50] Using "I love you" as manipulation or lip service
[16:05] What would you do if your partner couldn't say I love you?
[21:33] What makes some people so resilient
[22:42] Running from love
[23:28] "I love you" as a key

You may want to listen to:
- What is love?
- The layers of attraction
- Surprising your partner

May 22, 2018

Listen to this episode as George and Rachel discuss why our intuition is so powerful and how we can listen to it.

[03:21] When are we not intuitive?
[04:52] Developing our credibility
[11:51] Weird experiences when you knew something before it happened
[17:56] George discusses when he did not believe in intuition
[25:21] Examples of intuition

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- What is the truth?
- Being in Flow
- Unleashing the Artist in you

May 14, 2018

In this podcast, George & Rachel discuss what it is like to live with a light heart and how this can play out in our lives.

[01:20] On having a light heart
[03:48] A sign of insecurity within one's self
[04:48] Giving yourself permission to enjoy life
[08:33] Feeling the burden and anxiety within ourselves
[11:24] Having a superiority complex
[11:44] How we can be thoughtful and light-hearted?
[14:39] The playing out of an upset versus a light-hearted person
[20:30] Heavy heart vs light heart
[23:37] Examples of golden nuggets

You may want to listen to:
- Why your worldview creates your life
- Is being competitive healthy for us?
- The power in trusting your judgement

May 9, 2018

What views do you hold about money? In this podcast we listen to George detail how we can make more money and why we should have a healthy relationship with our bank account.

[04:48] Understanding money by principle
[08:28] Money as frozen energy
[13:02] Why relationships with people are precious
[16:47] How we can create more money and not overspend
[17:27] Our status quo view on money
[19:57] The key to making more money
[24:05] Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

You may want to listen to:
- Why your worldview creates your life
- Unleashing the artist in you
- Being in flow

May 9, 2018

How do you know if you're addicted to drama? Listen to George & Rachel discuss this topic in this latest conversation.

[02:46] What drama can represent
[03:18] How do we get addicted to drama?
[08:12] What are you going to do if you are addicted to drama?
[11:29] Learning and conditioning our behavior
[12:43] Being lonely vs having drama
[13:13] The issues with attracting drama and creating drama in our lives
[16:24] The message on this topic, "Addicted to drama"

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- Is being competitive good for us?
- Overcoming anxiety
- Fear of failure

May 8, 2018

Is there a silver lining when it comes to our regrets? In this podcast George & Rachel discuss this idea and some of their own regrets.

[01:16] Discussing having regrets
[03:21] One of George's regrets
[08:43] What we can get out of our epic mistakes
[09:38] Making the same mistakes over and over again (resulting to consequences)
[14:24] The blog George wrote called "Our Depression"
[18:10] What dissolves regret
[18:44] How to build genuine empathy with people
[21:15] Acknowledging your regrets

You may want to listen to:
- Re-invention; what it means for you and your life
- What if depression was natural
- Imagination vs Intention

May 1, 2018

In this podcast George and Rachel discuss the differences between these two ideas and the benefits of healthy expectations.

[00:46] Having expectations vs not having any expectation
[03:30] Being motivated without being hard on ourselves
[08:47] The need for our own level of acceptance
[11:08] Having the responsibility to set high expectations
[19:13] Addressing issues instead of being intolerant
[23:51] Compassion, tolerance, and patience
[29:51] The benefits of healthy expectations

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- Why lazy works
- When to give up
- Is being competitive good for us?

Apr 27, 2018

We often don't recognise when we are in denial. How does this really affect us and what are the reasons why we should shatter our denial.

[04:02] Our identity is shaped from the beginning
[04:58] The habit of being in denial and our responsibility to change
[09:34] Multi-dimensional intelligence
[12:18] Accessing genius at a late age
[17:06] Intense emotions dictate how we are meant to perceive and feel about something
[24:09] Failure as an opportunity
[27:14] What can become our ultimate prison

You may want to listen to:
- Why your worldview creates your life
- What is the truth?
- Re-invention: what it means for you and your life

Apr 16, 2018

In this podcast George explains what a fractal pattern is and how it relates to life.

Here's what was covered:

[01:04] Explaining the fractal pattern
[07:09] Has George identified fractal patterns within himself?
[08:54] Trying to succeed when you’re wrong about something
[11:17] Our attraction to structural integrity
[12:59] The relevance of structural integrity in nature
[20:23] The pattern when your balance is strong
[26:58] Why she shouldn't be isolated for too long

You may want to listen to:
- The power in trusting your judgement
- What is the truth?
- Unleashing the artist in you

Mar 28, 2018

Here's what was covered:
[01:25] The revelation that your confidence isn't matching your capability.
[03:00] Resistance.
[06:50] The problem when your point of view is not aligned to your principles?
[07:55] Objection of an idea as a reason for resistance.
[10:32] Being out of your depth with low confidence and what can be done to address it.
[13:27] Allowing room for two levels of feedback.
[15:30] Never being a know-it-all.
[22:05] What it means to let go and trust your judgement.

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